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Leadership Skills that Inspire Incredible Results


What would it mean to you if you were known as an inspiring person, an inspiring leader? This book is written to provide you with the tools and prompt and propel you to achieve that goal. It is practical with stories and illustrations. The focus is on you, the reader, using the basic and often difficult skills of intense listening, asking powerful questions, bringing out others’ very best thinking, inspiring followers, developing and sustaining a culture of accountability, and wisely delegating. These skills, when honed, can bring out the very best of anyone’s ability to be a truly inspiring leader.

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Coming from 40 years experience as an executive search consultant and as an academically trained executive coach, Leadership Skills That Inspire Incredible Resultsgives readers practical advice, guidance, and techniques that have given Fred’s clients tremendous success and personal fulfillment. Fred offers compelling stories from clients and examples from HCA, Spotify, Clif Bar & Company, Honeywell, and Eileen Fisher. Readers will gain insights into how to:

  • Hone others’ critical thinking through focused listening and insightful powerful questions.
  • Inspire followers.
  • Fearlessly delegate with mindful purpose.
  • Create a sustainable culture of accountability.

Readers will see how the development of these skills demonstrate a leader’s respect for others and inspire their followers to tackle challenges and produce results previously thought impossible. The somewhat counter intuitive case is also made that when leaders focus on the success of followers, the leader’s personal success flourishes. As Fred has coached these skills to teams of leaders, hearts and minds have been changed and personal, team and companywide performance has soared.

“Leadership Skills That Inspire Incredible Results takes direct aim at the skills needed to more effectively lead people and achieve higher levels of performance. If you are motivated to become a better leader and catalyze greater results, be sure to read this book cover to cover.”
Jon Foster, president, American Group, HCA
“This is a practical, easy to read, results oriented book anyone in a leadership role will greatly benefit from reading.”
Mike Lafitte, Global Group President, CBRE
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