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Leadership Skills that Inspire Incredible Results
Leadership Skills that Inspire Incredible Results

What would it mean to you if you were known as an inspiring person, an inspiring leader? This book is written to provide you with the tools and prompt and propel you to achieve that goal.

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“Leadership Skills That Inspire Incredible Results takes direct aim at the skills needed to more effectively lead people and achieve higher levels of performance. If you are motivated to become a better leader and catalyze greater results, be sure to read this book cover to cover.”
Jon Foster, president, American Group, HCA

“This is a practical, easy to read, results oriented book anyone in a leadership role will greatly benefit from reading.”
Mike Lafitte, Global Group President, CBRE

Fred is a skilled listener who asks questions that clarify and bring out new ideas, actions and solutions.  As the CEO of healthcare system Fred…read more

President and CEO

I am lucky that I have had some very good mentors along my career.  While these mentors were very helpful, as my career advances it…read more

Chief Financial Officer

Fred was and is clearly personally interested and invested in my success and how that translated into greater success for the organization.  He clearly improved…read more

Senior Executive Vice President

The executive coaching I received for Fred was personal, effective and engaging. He has the ability to ask penetrating and thought provoking questions that create…read more

Vice President, Quality
Fred Halstead

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Halstead Executive Coaching

Highlights of Executive Coaching

Coaching Goals

Be thoughtful, trusted, nonjudgmental, and encouraging
Hone exceptional leadership skills
Be a catalyst for stimulating, new and creative thinking
Provide candid feedback, an open mind and a new perspective

Target Clients

Successful executives who wish to further hone their leadership skills and performance
Executive Teams who wish to work with greater effectiveness and cohesion
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